OFF-WHITE Fall/Winter 2014 “Moving Still” Lookbook

off-white co virgil abloh logo

With a spike in the existence what could be known as high end streetwear, there is subjectivity in what classifies as high fashion or streetwear.  It is apparent that the fashion industry is undergoing an evolution of sorts.  It is transforming into a realm in which boundaries dissipate and we are left with brands like Virgil Abloh’s Been Trill, or OFF-WHITE.  These relatively new brands, dripping with extreme eccentricity and uniquely defining style, have amassed cult followings in their short-lived time in the game.  

For OFF-WHITE’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection we receive military and biker style jackets, knits of all kinds, t-shirts, denim, hoodies, blazers, and various other items with their individualistic branding and graphic-heavy presence.  Take a look on the OFF-WHITE website for the store locator to find a stockist in your area.  But before you do that, have a look at the Fall/Winter offerings below.

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