The North Face Purple Label 2014 Fall/Winter Detachable Lining Field Coat

North Face’s Japanese faction ‘Purple Label’ has an affinity for the use of only the highest quality materials in the construction of its functional garments.  And it is from the need for superior quality that comes the beautifully crafted selections we bare witness to on this day.  However, it is not only fashion—but function—that makes these pieces that of a true quality build.  This new spin on a traditional military silhouette is revitalized with a water-proofed exterior made from a polyester taffeta impenetrable by the elements and a conveniently detachable down-liner.  The Detachable Lining Field Coat comes in three traditional militaristic colors: Navy, Khaki, and Black.  The jackets are available now from nanamica for approximately $670 USD each.


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