Hermès Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook


The top-tier Parisian fashion house Hermès has let go its 2014 Fall/Winter collection.  High-end fabrics and materials, hued with somber earth tones and the contrasting of matte and shine, make up the majority of the menswear line.  An occasional splash of color finds incorporation a few of the pieces, breathing life and a dash of energy into the melancholy collection.  With yet another brand infusing sportiness into their sophisticated realm, we are beginning to see that the amalgamation of streetwear and high-fashion is not something to be weary of, but something to embrace.  As these reputable fashion houses broaden their audience, the designs are becoming increasingly more youthful and less traditional.  And at The Drop, we are very fond of that.  The collection is now available from Hermès flagship and web-stores worldwide. 

hm1 hm2 hm3 hm4 hm5 hm6

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