A Bathing Ape’s Celebratory 10th Anniversary Full-Zip Shark Hoodie Capsule Collection


Japanese streetwear pioneers BAPE memorialize one of their most notable garments in celebration of its 10th anniversary, with the release of a commemorative capsule.  This hoodie put A Bathing Ape, and its creator Nigo on the map in 2004, and was a large factor in the popularization of both the luxury hoodie and streetwear movements.  Its rise in popularity can be credited to a number of celebrities who began donning the garment.  The collection includes several variations of the full-zip shark hoodie in all its glory, as well as a few matching t-shirts.  The 10th anniversary hoodies include swarovski crystal detailing on the hood, incorporating some blinged-out grill action to the shark’s mouth, revamping this nostalgic treasure.  It ships in an exclusive gift box and can be purchased on BAPE’s e-store after it drops October 25th.



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