Brand Profile : Palace

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Embedded deeply within skateboard culture, the Palace Wayward Boys Choir, a clan of self proclaimed “skate rats” scoured the streets of London, England, making retro-esque skate videos as well as names for themselves on the scene.  But the horizons are in many ways widening for the skateboard team turned company Palace.  They have most definitely been one of the more hyped brands this year and have gained enough of a reputation to have heavyweight musicians like Jay Z, ASAP Rocky, and Florence Welch.  They subtly traversed into the fashion realms at some point in time around the Spring of 2012.  It was a collaboration with old school English sportswear legends Umbro, releasing a fresh AF capsule of Football (Soccer) based regalia with a raw vintage vibe in which we first saw this segue. From there we witnessed some amazing work come out of collaborations from Reebok, Dover Street, and Tate Britain; where we were graced with various sneakers, a well classy crew-neck sweater, and last but certainly not least a series of perhaps some of the most tasteful and artfully magnificent skateboard decks ever created (inspired by John Martin, English Romantic-era painter).  However, this all pales in comparison to the recent collaboration Palace partook in only but a few weeks ago, that with none other than sportswear kings A.D.I.D.A.S. When one views this collaboration they will become great believers in the idea that in simplicity lies great beauty if they were not already.  You can currently purchase that selection via Palace’s website  as well as both of Vancouver’s Livestock locations. As Palace currently blows the flipping lip off of the menswear scene with its traditional-with-edge style garments, we at THE DROP hope to the skies that these British lords of freshness keep it coming with the dank gear!

CLICK HERE to watch the Palace team’s latest video, “Endless Bummer” … or:

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