Nike Air Huarache “Ostrich”


Nike’s Air Huarache first arrived on the sneaker scene in 1991, designed by Tinker Hatfield, a veteran of the Nike design team.  Drawing inspiration from a tradition Native American sandal, it was a definite trailblazer. Including an inner sock made from neoprene that comforts and secures the foot in a custom and oh-so-cozy manner, it quickly became a classic in Nike’s mesmerizing lineup of sneakers.  And this year the Huarache is definitely on a roll as it has quickly regained dominance in Nike’s lineup as one of the most hyped and sought after sneakers.  If you missed the Spring/Summer release of the “Pure Platinum” Huarache and you don’t want to spend triple or more to have them in your collection (They were going for as much as and over $400), don’t lose hope yet, abandon faith and sell off all of your worldly possessions to go live in a van down by the river.  For there is reason to rejoice! Nike has graced the public with previews and mention of an “upcoming release,” regarding the “Ostrich” colorway.  They’re mighty comparable to the “Pure Platinum” editions, being all white, but there are some major differences.  The upper body features white ostrich leather, which is more off an off white color, as well featuring an indentation print.  The mid-sole is stark white.  All of this sitting on a gummed sole, which is bloody smart looking. All in all, its one mean sneaker. Just look at it! LOOK AT IT! CLOSER!  It will be available at Nike stockists and on the Nike website upon its hopefully very near release.


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